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Preprintreihe 1991


91-001   Robert Bonnet
         Superatomic subalgebras of an interval algebra

91-002   Stanislaw Betley
         Homology of GL(R) with coefficients in a functor
         of finite degree

91-003   L. Danzer
         Quasiperiodicity: local and global aspects

91-004   N. Rivier
         The Structure and Dynamics of Patterns of
         Benard Convection Cells

91-005   Michael Steel
         Trees (1) The Complexity Of Reconstructing Trees
         From Qualitative Characters

91-006   Ingo Althöfer, Torsten Sillke
         An "Average Distance" Inequality for Subsets of the Cube

91-007   Stanislaw Betley
         Generic Coefficients For Twisted Homology Of GL(R)

91-008   Stanislaw Betley
         Generalized Version Of Stable K-Theory And Homology 
         of General Linear Groups

91-009   Andreas W.M. Dress, Werner Terhalle
         A Combinatorial Approach to $p$-adic Geometry
         Part I: The Process of Completion

91-010   Walter Wenzel
         Pfaffian Forms and $\Delta$-Matroids

91-011   Peter McMullen
         Quasi-periodic tilings of ordinary space

91-012   Andreas W.M.\ Dress, Walter Wenzel
         A Greedy-Algorithm Characterization of
         Valuated $\Delta$-Matroids

91-013   Hanno Lefmann, Kevin T.\ Phelps, Vojt\u ech Rödl
         Rigid linear binary codes

91-014   Jean-Michel Brochet
         Hamiltonian cycles in graphs with bounded
         independence number

91-015   Jean-Michel Brochet
         Representation of the positive real numbers as sums 
         of colored rational numbers

91-016   Ulrich Tamm
         On the Communication Complexity of Sum-Type Functions

91-017   Klaus-Uwe Koschnick
         Good Code Design with Combinatorial Approximation Algorithms

91-018   Wilfried Imrich, Jaroslav Nesetril
         Simple Tournaments and sharply transitive groups

91-019   Erich Prisner
         Representing Triangulated Graphs In Stars

91-020   Rainer Schulze-Pillot
         Factorization of Hecke algebras into p-adic components

91-021   Hanno Lefmann, Hamza Si Kaddour
         On maximality property of partition regular systems of equations
91-022   Stefano Alliney
         A Note On the Greedy Algorithm

91-023   Hanno Lefmann
         On an anti-Ramsey type result
91-024   Hanno Lefmann, Vojtech Rödl
         On Canonical Ramsey Numbers for Complete Graphs versus Paths 

91-025   Lothar Heinrich
         Mixing Properties and Central Limit Theorem
         for a Class of Non-identical Piecewise Monotonic

91-026   Tomoyuki Yoshida
         The average intersection number of a pair of self-dual codes

91-027   Reinhard Diestel, Imre Leader
         A Proof of the Bounded Graph Conjecture

91-028   Erich Prisner
         The Dynamics Of The Line And Path Graph Operators

91-029   Erich Prisner
         Two Algorithms For The Subset Interconnection Design

91-030   Jorgen Bang-Jensen, Jing Huang, Erich Prisner

91-031   Vitaly Bergelson, Walter A. Deuber, Neil Hindman
         Rado's Theorem For Finite Fields

91-032   Ludwig Elsner, Michael Neumann
         Monotonic Sequences And Rates Of Convergence of 
         Asynchronized Iterative Methods
         Linear Algebra Appl. 180, 17-33 (1993)

91-033   Ton Geerts
         Invertibility Properties Of Singular Systems:
         A Distributional Approach
         Linear Algebra Appl. 183, 61--88 (1993)

91-034   Friedrich Götze, W.R. van Zwet
         Edgeworth Expansions For Asymptotically Linear Statistics

91-035   Andreas Dress, Robert Simon
         A New Algebraic Criterion for Shellability

91-036   Peter Dräxler, Dieter Happel
         A proof of the generalized Nakayama conjecture for algebras 
         with $J^{2l+1 = 0$ and $A/J^l$ representation finite

91-037   Claus Michael Ringel
         - The composition algebra of a cyclic quiver
         - Towards an explicit description of the quantum group
           of type $\tilde A_n$

91-038   Lothar Heinrich
         On Existence and Mixing Properties of Germ-Grain Models
91-039   T.D. Thu
         An Induction Proof of the Ahlswede-Zhang Identity

91-040   M.N. Smotov, V.V. Golovchansky
         Small eigenvalues of the Laplacian on $\Gamma \backslash H_3$
         for $\Gamma = PSL_2(Z[i])$

91-041   Rudolf Ahlswede, Ning Cai
         On Communication Complexity of Vector-valued Functions

91-042   Lee K. Jones
         Good Lattice Weights for Pattern Classification,
         Neural Networks, and Projection Pursuit:
         A Number Theoretic Strategy for Information
         from High-Dimensional Data

91-043   Oleg Ruzmanov
         On maximal arithmetic reflection groups on the hyperbolic plane

91-044   Reinhard Nabben
         On generalized H-matrices
         Numerische Mathematik 63, no. 3, 411-431 (1992)

91-045   Ruben A. Hidalgo
         - On Schottky Groups with Automorphims
         - $\gamma$-Hyperelliptic Riemann Surfaces
         - The M.E.F.P.\ Property On Kleinian Groups
         - Kleinian Groups with a Jordan curve as Limit set

91-046   Hanno Lefmann, Vojtech Rödl
         On Canonical Ramsey Numbers for Coloring three-element Sets

91-047   Peter F. Stadler, Wolfgang Schnabl
         The Landscape of the Traveling Salesman Problem

91-048   Michael A. Steel, Michael D. Hendy, David Penny
         Significance of the Length of the Shortest Tree

91-049   Michael A. Steel
         Distributions on Bicoloured Binary Trees arising
         from the Principle of Parsimony

91-050   Rudolf Ahlswede, Ning Cai
         On sets of words with pairwise common letter
         in different positions

91-051   Hans-Jürgen Bandelt, Michael Steel
         Symmetric matrices representable by weighted trees 
         over a cancellative abelian monoid

91-052   Rajindra Bhatia, Ludwig Elsner
         Symmetries and Variation of Spectra
         Canadian Journal of Mathematics 44, no. 6, 1155-1166 (1992)

91-053   Rudolf Ahlswede, Ning Cai
         2-way communication complexity of sum-type functions
         for one processor to be informed

91-054   Ernesto Vallejo
         The Free $\beta$-Ring On One Generator

91-055   Wolrad Vogell
         Proper and Bounded K-Theory of Topoligical Spaces

91-056   R. Ahlswede, L.A. Bassalygo, M.S. Pinsker
         Nonbinary codes correcting localized errors

91-057   H. Helling, J. Mennicke, E.B. Vinberg
         On some general triangle-groups and 3-dimensional orbifolds

91-058   Andreas W.M. Dress, Michael Steel
         Convex Realizations of Partitions

91-059   Edward D. Weinberger
         Fourier and Taylor Series on Fitness Landscapes

91-060   Michael D. Hendy, David Penny
         Spectral Analysis of Phylogenetic Data

91-061   Z. Fiedorowicz, R. Schwänzl, R.M. Vogt
         Hermition $K$-Theory of $A_\infty$ Rings.
         Homotopy and Hyperbolic Map

91-062   Henning Krause
         Endomorphisms of words in a quiver

91-063   Ludwig Elsner, I. Koltracht, Michael Neumann, D. Xiao
         On Computations Of The Perron Root
         SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis 14, no. 2, 456-467 (1993)

91-064   Thomas Müller
         Asymptotic Formulas Related To Virtually Free Groups

91-065   Martin Loebl
         Maximal Cuts

91-066   Lothar Heinrich
         Asymptotic Properties of Minmum Contrast Estimators
         for Parameters of Boolean Models

91-067   Neil Hindman, Hanno Lefmann
         Partition regularity of (M,\,P,\,C)-systems

91-068   Gunnar Brinkmann
         Disorder in Periodic Tilings

91-067   Ernst Ruch
         Der Richtungsabstand

91-070   Thomas Müller
         Counting free subgroups of finite index

91-071   Peter McMullen
         Duality, sections and projections of certain euclidean tilings

91-072   Michael Steel
         (Trees 2) Decompositions of Leaf-Coloured Binary Trees

91-073   Michael Steel, David Penny
         Distributions of Tree Comparison Metrics

91-074   YANG Lu, ZHANG Jingzhong, ZENG Zhenbing
         On Goldberg's Conjecture:
         Computing The First Several Heilbronn Numbers

91-075   Peter Dräxler
         On the density of fiber sum functors

91-076   Ludwig Elsner, Israel Koltracht, Michael Neumann
         Convergence of Sequential and Asynchronous
         Nonlinear Paracontractions
         Numerische Mathematik 62, no. 3, 305-319 (1992)

91-077   Ulrich Tamm
         Determininistic Communication Complexity of
         the Set-Intersection Function

91-078   Vidmantas Bentkus
         On the asymtotical behaviour of the constant
         in the Berry-Esseen inequality

91-079   Vidmantas Bentkus
         On smoothness conditions and convergence rates 
         in the CLT in Banach spaces

91-080   Vidmantas Bentkus
         Theorems of Large Deviations in the Multivariate
         Invariance Principle

91-081   Andreas W.M. Dress, Mikhail H. Klin, Mikhail E. Muzichuk
         On $p$-configurations with few slopes in the affine
         plane over $F_p$ and a theorem of W. Burnside's

91-082   Rudolf Ahlwede, G\'abor Simonyi
         Note on the optimal structureof recovering set pairs
         in lattices: the sandglass conjecture

91-083   L.A. Szekely, P.L. Erdös, M.A. Steel, D. Penny
         A Fourier Inversion Formula for Evolutionary Trees

91-084   Martin Gerhardt, John J. Tyson
         Boundary effects on rotating spiral waves
         in a cellular automaton model of exitable media

91-085   Ruben A. Hidalgo
         Schottky Uniformizations of closed Riemann surfaces
         with Abelian groups of conformal Automorphisms

91-086   Ruben A. Hidalgo
         Closed Riemann Surfaces with Dehedral Groups of
         Conformal Automorphisms

91-087   Ruben A. Hidalgo
         Schottky Uniformizations of Closed Riemann Surfaces
         with the Klein Group as conformal group of symmetries

91-088   Ruben A. Hidalgo  
         On Schottky Groups with Automorphisms

91-089   Reinhard Diestel
         Dominating functions and topological graph minors

91-090   Jens Franke
         A topological model for some summand of the Eisenstein
         cohomology of congruence subgroups

91-091   Rajindra Bhatia, Ludwig Elsner
         The $q$-binomial theorem and spectral symmetry
         Indagationes Mathematicae 4, no. 1, 11-16 (1993) 

91-092   Peter Abramenko
         Walls in Coxeter complexes

91-093   Claus Michael Ringel
         Lie Algebras Arising in Representation Theory

91-094   Vlastimil Dlab, Claus Michael Ringel
         The Module Theoretical Approach to Quasi-hereditary Algebras

91-095   Roger C. Alperin
         A Miscellany of Group Actions on Buildings

91-096   P. Jipsen, E. Lucacs
         Minimal Relation Algebras

91-097   V.A. Gritsenko
         Induction in the theory of zeta-functions

91-098   Yang Lu, Zhang Jingzhong, Zeng Zhenbing
         On Exact Values of Heilbronn Numbers for Triangular Regions

91-099   Rudolf Ahlswede, Ingo Althöfer
         The Asymptotic Behaviour of Diameters in the Average

91-100   Emil Molnar
         Symmetry breakings of the cube tiling and the spatial
         chess board D-symbol

91-101   Andreas W.M. Dress, Mikhail H. Klin, Mikhail E. Muzichuk
         On $p$-configurations with few slopes in the affine plane
         over $F_p$ and a theorem of W.~Burnside's

91-102   Andreas W.M. Dress
         Bioinformatics-A Useful Tool for Biotechnology

91-103   Jürgen Deitert
         Zur Vergröberung von Markovketten auf endlichen
         metrischen Räumen

91-104   Andreas Deutsch
         Musterbildung bei dem Schlauchpilz Neurospora crassa:
         Mathematische Modellierung und experimentelle Analyse

91-105   L.A. Szekely, P.L. Erdös, M.A. Steel, D. Penny
         A Fourier inversion formula for evolutionary trees

91-106   Reinhard Diestel, Saharon Shelah, Juris Steprans
         Characterizing Dominating Graphs

91-107   R. Klein, J. Schonheim
         Decomposition of $K_n$ into two graphs, respectively
         $m_1$ and $m_2$ degenerated and colorability of
         graphs having such a decomposition

91-108   Michael R. Fellows, Jan Kratochvil, Matthias
         Middendorf, Frank Pfeiffer
         On Complexity of Induced Minors and Related Problems

91-109   Dieter Happel
         Reduction techniques for homological conjectures

91-110   Peter Dräxler
         Completely separating algebras

91-111   Flavio Coelho, Dieter Happel, Luise Unger
         Complements to partial tilting modules

91-112   Hans-Jürgen Bandelt, Andreas W.M. Dress
         Split decomposition: a new and useful approach
         to phylogenetic analysis of distance data

91-113   Steffen König
         Borel subalgebras of quasi-hereditary algebras

91-114   Teimouraz Pirashvili
         Polynomial approximation of Ext and Tor groups
         in functor categories

91-115   Stanislaw Betley, Teimouraz Pirashvili
         Twested (co)homological stability for monoids of endomorphisms

91-116   Rudolf Ahlswede, Levon H. Khachatrian
         The maximal length of cloud-antichains

91-117   David Watkins, Ludwig Elsner
         Theory of Decompositions and Bulge-Chasing Algorithms
         for the Generalized Eigenvalue Problem
         SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis 15, no. 3, 943-967 (1994)

91-118   Jiang Erxiong
         A Lower Bound for the Smallest Singular Value of
         a Jordan block and its Application

Ergänzungsreihe 1991

E91-001  Nicolai V. Kuznetsov 
         Kuznetsov Workshop

E91-002  Claus Michael Ringel 
         Recent Advances in the Representation Theory of
         Finite Dimensional Algebras

E91-003  Herbert Abels 
         Workshop - on geometric methods and finiteness properties
         for arithmetic groups and related topics

E91-004  Daniel Simson 
         On representations of partially ordered sets of tame type

E91-005  Ina Kersten, Ulf Rehmann 
         Workshop - on the arithmetic of the wild kernel

E91-006  Sören Walter Perrey 
         Mathematische Methoden der Künstlichen Intelligenz:
         Zur Quiescence-Suche in Spielbäumen

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